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AwesomeBooks is home to thousands of book titles from just £1.88 each! We offer both used and new books for all readers to enjoy.Find our most popular books below or search by genre using the filters on the left-hand side. With such a wide selection of books and genres to choose from, including fiction and fantasy, crime and thrillers, cooking , horror , text books, historical books , young adult and children’s books , you’ll easily be able to find your next read!

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Purchasing a used book is a great way to grab a bargain. View our range of used books which, despite having been preloved, are still in optimum condition. Alternatively, check out our bargain bin for some of the best deals at competitive prices. With over 300,000 different titles, our bargain bin is constantly changing, with new books being added every day.

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For those of you looking to purchase new-releases, we have a range of fresh books to feast your eyes upon. At AwesomeBooks, you can pre-order the latest book releases to ensure that you can get them as soon as possible. View some of our much anticipated new-releases today.

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