At AwesomeBooks you can shop safe in the knowledge that your name, address, credit card details, and other information are all 100% safe. We want our customers to shop with confidence, and to know that we take every possible step to ensure that your data is protected and not misused in any way as a result of using our website.

We have taken all possible steps to secure your credit card details by using high grade Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all transactions involving information passed between your computer and our server. SSL encrypts the data so that no-one will be able to access the data in its original format. When you are on a secure part of our website, you will see the "padlock" icon in your browser, which confirms that any information you send will be in a secure format. In addition, where possible we use parties who have the highest level of PCI-DSS accreditation to process your payments. Such parties adhere to best practice standards and are audited on a regular basis to ensure data is being held safely, securely and protected from misuse.

Please note that in the event of unauthorised use of your card you should notify your card provider in accordance with their own procedures.

If you need any additional information about our Security and Privacy policies, please contact our Customer Service team via the contact us page.