The AwesomeBooks School Literacy Initiative

At AwesomeBooks we love reading and know what a positive impact it can have on a Childs life. Back in 2010 we visited Ghana and in 2011 we gave books to schools in South Africa.

Schools in the UK are facing budget cuts to libraries at the moment so we decided to extend the scheme to give a book to every child from schools that applied.

UK School Donations

Here are the books we’ve donated to schools and nurseries so far, we are always adding more so be sure to check back to see all causes we have helped.


Emerson Valley School

These year 6 students from Emerson Valley had great fun posing for the photo before helping shelve the new library books.


South Moreton School

We took a trip down to South Moreton School on the last day of term to donate some books to them, as you can see they were engrossed with them.


St Amand's Catholic Primary School

We were greeted at St Amand's by two of their year 6 leavers, they seemed very happy that the school were getting books from us..


St Laurence CofE Primary School

A whole class came out to meet us at St Laurence. They were really happy with the books and were far too busy reading them to look at the camera.


Stockham primary school

Stockham primary school was holding a whole school assembly to give out the books the day after our visit.

Here is what they said in their newsletter:

We have been lucky enough to receive a selection of books from 'Awesome Books', an online new and used bookseller and recycler based in Wallingford, who have recently been running a free books for schools initiative. We hope the children across the school will enjoy reading these over the next few months.


North drive Pre-School

Two of the children were very helpful unpacking the books .


Early day's nursery School

We donated to early days Nursery school and the kids holiday club that is run at the same location.


Long Wittenham School

Long Wittenham school council were the first to read the books.

WittenhamSchool WittenhamSchool

Tiddlers to Toddlers

Tiddlers to Toddlers is a brand new group so we were happy to provide some books to help them set up.

Toddlers Toddlers

Little Pippins

AwesomeBooks receive the seal of approval from little pippins toddlers.


Beedon C of E Primary School

These children from Beedon Primary school were happy with their pop out mansion book.


Millbrook Primary School

MillbrookPrimary MillbrookPrimary

The Treehouse School

This child enjoys the now out of print Dandy.