Frequently Asked Questions

For full details on delivery times and charges, please visit our shipping page section.

When you buy used books for delivery in the UK we can offer an express delivery for just £3.99. For this, we guarantee all orders placed before 12pm will be shipped same day and will reach customers by the next working day. However, we cannot currently offer expedited shipping on international orders or new books, but we’re working on making this possible in the future.

Fill up our online enquiry form or drop us an email describing the problem and find out, We never leave our customers out of pocket, and try 100% to leave them satisfied.

Of course you can, click here to check out our returns section for more details.

Fill in our online enquiry form or drop us an email at, and if its still in our distribution centre we'll send a hunting party to track down your item and make your requested changes.

Different books reach us in different conditions. Here is what our different condition types mean: Used-Good: The book has clearly been used before but there will be minimal damage to the book meaning it has a lot of life left in it. The pages might be slightly dog eared, but the book will not be ripped or torn in any way, the cover will be in good condition and the book will not have any smells or odours from previous owners. Textbooks may have some highlighting in them from previous owners but this will be limited to a few pages, otherwise we will not grade it at this level. Used-Like New: These books are all but new. This means they may originally have had a plastic shrink wrap on them which has since disappeared or they may have been sitting around in a bookshop for a while waiting for a buyer but other than, the condition will be mint. Brand New: Erm…well…Exactly what it says. Brand New, directly from the publisher or printer.

We will do our best. You can fill out our online enquiry form or drop us an email at and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as they can.

When you view your shopping bag, you should see a ‘Discount Code’ box. Simply write your code in here and hit enter and your discount will be applied to your basket!

Yes. We’ve partnered up with Realex Payments in order to provide you with the best possible security when it comes to your personal information and, in particular, your credit and debit cards. When you save your card in order to make payments quicker for future purchases, your card is saved onto Realex’s Level 1 PCI compliant servers, which keeps your details safe and secure.