A Practical Guide to Digital Design: Designing With Your Computer Made Easy!

A Practical Guide to Digital Design: Designing With Your Computer Made Easy!

by PinaLewandowsky (Author), Francis Zeischegg (Author)


AVA Academia is a new list of college textbooks, which aims to bridge the gap between traditional text-heavy reference books and the visual eye candy of showcase books. Each title will be written by a leading college professor or lecturer and will be edited to fit into the diverse curricula of art schools and colleges around the world. Design work is often dismissed as something that anyone with a basic grasp of computers can do without difficulty. As a consequence, non-specialists are often asked to do design work, and the results are disappointingly poor. This book is aimed at those who believe that acquiring the language of visual communication requires a little more than familiarity with a few software packages. By examining the fundamental rules upon which successful design depends, A Practical Guide to Digital Design helps us streamline to best effect the selection and use of the tools available.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: First Printing
Publisher: AVA Publishing
Published: 29 Sep 2003

ISBN 10: 288479039X
ISBN 13: 9782884790390

Author Bio
Pina Lewandowsky is a lecturer at Dresden School for Visual Arts and at several media institutions in the fields of Media Design, Desktop Publishing & Digital Imaging. Francis Zeischegg is a graphic designer, image artist and lecturer at various university and post-graduate institutes in Germany in the Fundamentals of Design and Media Design.