Go Global: How to take your business to the world

Go Global: How to take your business to the world

by EmmaJones (Author)


International trade has moved into a new phase. Gone are the days when years of effort were required in the domestic market before going global. You can now start a company on Monday and be trading with the world by Wednesday. The web has made this perfectly possible and faced with a sluggish UK market there's never been a better time to leverage technology and look overseas; after all, a connection to the internet is a connection to over 1 billion potential customers. Our politicians are encouraging it and technology is in place to enable it, yet small business owners are resisting the international trade opportunity for fear of perceived language, currency, cultural and business barriers. In this book, bestselling author Emma Jones, puts paid to these perceptions and shows you don't need big budgets or to be a big business to be a globally successful one. She offers a route map that will have you trading across the globe and illustrates how it can be done, with stories from 20 successful exporters.Whether you're selling tangibles or services, if you've considered exporting but didn't know where to start or you're making international sales and want to grow further, this is the book for you. Consider it your guide as you embark on a journey of international deals and discovery. www.goglobalguide.com



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Brightword Publishing
Published: 19 Nov 2010

ISBN 10: 1908003006
ISBN 13: 9781908003003

Author Bio
Emma Jones is founder of Enterprise Nation www.enterprisenation.com, a business expert and author of bestselling books Spare Room Start Up (9781905641680) and Working 5 to 9 (9781906659684). Emma's roots lie in international trade. After studying Law and Japanese at university (and starting her first business during a year's stay in Tokyo) Emma joined international accounting firm Arthur Andersen, and launched an inward investment group to cater for the firm's multinational clients moving to the UK. Five years later and buoyed by the excitement of a dot com boom, Emma left the firm to launch Techlocate.com, the UK's first online inward investment adviser. Within two years Techlocate was successfully sold and Emma launched Enterprise Nation, a media company focused on anyone starting and growing a small business. And so we come full circle. With a background of helping large businesses invest in the UK, this book is all about helping small businesses export out of the UK. Certain things have changed - from big business to small business, from inward investment to outbound - but what hasn't changed is Emma's belief that the web makes international trade available to all who seek to take advantage of it.