Chosen: Number 3 in series (House of Night): 3/6

Chosen: Number 3 in series (House of Night): 3/6

by Kristin Cast (Author), P. C. Cast (Author)


I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean, she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn't tried to bite me, which was a plus. Of course, the whole trying-to-eat-the-street-person thing was highly disturbing ... Zoey's best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead - in an eww! zombie! kind-of-way, not in a cool vampire kind-of-way. She's struggling to retain her humanity and Zoey doesn't have a clue how to help. But she does know that anything they discover must be kept secret. Trust has become a rare commodity. Sinister forces are at work at the House of Night, where the line between friend and enemy is becoming dangerously blurred. - Not suitable for younger readers -


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Edition: paperback / softback
Publisher: Atom
Published: 26 Feb 2009

ISBN 10: 1905654332
ISBN 13: 9781905654338
Children’s book age: 12+ Years
Book Overview: * National advertising in the YA press * Dedicated UK website at with exclusive competitions and prizes * Extensive online advertising on social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo * Review copy mailing to the YA, national and genre press * Stylish website to be launched

Author Bio
P.C. Cast is an award-winning fantasy and paranormal romance author. She lives and teaches in Oklahoma. Her daughter, Kristin Cast, has won awards for poetry and journalism. She also lives in Oklahoma, where she attends Northeastern State University as a biology major.