Wild Flowers (National Trust Gardens by Design)

Wild Flowers (National Trust Gardens by Design)

by Graham Murphy (Author)


This series of books celebrates some of the most beautiful, oldest and well-loved flowers. Each book in the series looks at a different theme and, through images by leading flower photographers, reveals overlooked cultivars or rare species. Before looking at over 30 different species, each book investigates the plant in history, art, perfume and medicine. Practical information is included in each book. From pruning and plantings, to suppliers' contact information and which National Trust gardens feature the plant.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 96
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: National Trust Books
Published: 06 Mar 2006

ISBN 10: 1905400055
ISBN 13: 9781905400058
Book Overview: Many people have a deep love of wild flowers. This book looks at their individual beauty and discusses examples such as Columbine, Harebell, Meadow Cranesbill and Sea Campion.