The Time Of The Reaper: Number 1 in series (Reapers)

The Time Of The Reaper: Number 1 in series (Reapers)

by Andrew Butcher (Author)


They call it the Sickness. Nobody knows what causes it or where it comes from. Nobody knows why it only seems to affect the adult population. But everyone knows that if you catch it and you're over 18, you die.

All around the world, teenagers like Travis, Richie, Mel, Jessica and Simon, find themselves thrown together and forced to cooperate. But a world without rules is not the utopia many survivors thought it would be. Everything, now, is deadly serious. Those who can't adjust to their new situation find themselves going the same way as the adults. Factions form quickly. Some want to take what they need through strength of arms, but others - the most organised - want to try to rebuild the world their parents left behind. Restoring society will be hard, but not impossible. After all, they reason, the worst is over.

But they're wrong. It's only just begun. . .


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Publisher: Atom
Published: 29 Mar 2007

ISBN 10: 1904233945
ISBN 13: 9781904233947
Children’s book age: 12+ Years
Book Overview: * Submitted for review coverage in the children's, national and genre media * Copies mailed to key websites and bloggers * Author PR

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'A good ripping yarn' - SFCrowsnest
Author Bio
Andrew Butcher teaches English part-time, and devotes the rest of his week to a rag-tag group of orphaned teenagers fighting a desperate resistance against alien invaders. He lives in Dorset with an unfeasibly large comic collection.