Nostradamus; The Illustrated Prophecies

Nostradamus; The Illustrated Prophecies

by PeterLemesurier (Author)


The predictions of Nostradamus have been continuously in print since his death and count, alongside the Bible, as one of the two best selling books in publishing history. Today, interest has never been higher, with claims that he foretold recent events and fears that even worse is to come. But prophecy is a tricky business at best, and much of what is claimed for Nostradamus is based on mistranslation, over-optimistic interpretation or corrupt texts. This translation by a professional linguist offers a literary verse translation of all the original prophecies and identifies their historical sources. It identifies the original omen books, illustrated from the original sources and offers reports of these omens in contemporary English translations.



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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 512
Edition: Illustrated
Publisher: O Books
Published: 04 Dec 2003

ISBN 10: 1903816483
ISBN 13: 9781903816486