The eBay Business Handbook: How Anyone can Build a Business and Make Money on

The eBay Business Handbook: How Anyone can Build a Business and Make Money on

by RobertPugh (Author)


In this new book top Powerseller Robert Pugh covers everything you need to know about succeeding on eBay; from the very first act of choosing your eBay user name through to the creation and management of your own business. eBay is very easy to use, to sell on eBay is not complicated and requires no sales experience. However, to use eBay to it's full potential, to maximise returns and develop a robust online business, does require an understanding of sales, marketing, and business processes. This book has been written for anyone who has ever considered the idea of owning their own business and being their own boss. Whether you want to supplement an existing income, or you want a complete change in life, this book is for you - giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to make that step. Written in plain English, this guide does not require the reader to have a grasp of complex industry jargon, all that is required is a desire to succeed and an open mind. Unlike other eBay guides, this handbook is based on the personal experiences of an established Powerseller. Everything from the practical concerns of international sales to the purchase of packing materials is covered here. With a fresh, common sense approach to selling, the book includes many hints, tips, and personal recommendations that can be applied to all of your eBay activities making this book essential reading for both experienced and non-experienced eBayers alike. Perhaps one of the most valuable sections is the one dedicated to finding stock to sell. Where traders obtain their stock is a closely guarded secret and often finding where to buy can be quite daunting. This guide will inform the reader where to look, how to buy from different sources and, the most interesting of all, how to use eBay as a source of goods. This book cannot cover every aspect of selling on eBay, there just is not enough space, it will however show how the author went from zero to 4000+ feedbacks in just two years, and still growing. From the very first LP record to the family car he has sold items into almost every corner of the globe, taken every form of payment known to man, and personally packed a huge variety of items. Anybody can do this, just follow the steps in this guide, dedicate the time, and soon you too could be living the eBay dream.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Harriman House Publishing
Published: 26 Apr 2006

ISBN 10: 1897597681
ISBN 13: 9781897597682

Author Bio
After 24 years working for the same company, and many years within the corporate sales division, Bob Pugh realised it was time for a change. He began selling on eBay in January 2003, initially by clearing his house of unwanted items, with very little knowledge of computers and no experience of selling via the internet. The first few months proved to be a steep learning curve. But he soon became an established eBay Power Seller and has sold over 5000 items. Now, aged 40, he has retired from full time work and uses eBay to generate an income as and when it is required.