The Glass Bathyscaphe: How Glass Changed the World

The Glass Bathyscaphe: How Glass Changed the World

by Gerry Martin (Author), Alan Macfarlane (Author), Gerry Martin (Author)


A narrative history of glass from discovery, through antiquity, the Enlightenment, the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions to the present. It charts the history of the technology but also the enabling effects of glass on such aspects of civilization as experimental science, perspective, astronomy, zoology and all manner of scientific instrumentation - plus the central role of window-glass technology in making the colder north habitable. The authors show how the divergence in glass technology between west and east (China and Japan) explains differential aspects of E/W development. The last chapter develops the intriguing thesis that glass is one of the principal factors in the development of western civilization.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Edition: Main
Publisher: Profile Books
Published: 14 Jul 2002

ISBN 10: 1861974000
ISBN 13: 9781861974006

Author Bio
Gerry Martin is an industrialist who has made the history of glass technology his hobby.