Beginners' Guide to Water Gardening

Beginners' Guide to Water Gardening

by Graham Clarke (Author), Freda Cox (Illustrator), Rob Wheele (Illustrator), Freda Cox (Illustrator), Graham Clarke (Author), Michael Munday (Illustrator)


This practical book for aspiring water gardeners contains advice and inspirational photographs covering every aspect of water gardening, from water features to plants and fish. It is intended for anyone creating a first water garden or expanding an existing one.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd
Published: 07 Mar 2002

ISBN 10: 1861082436
ISBN 13: 9781861082435

Media Reviews
Many readers will recognise Graham Clarke's name from various mainstream gardening magazines and it is with this experience of public needs that he has written this guide to water gardening. With clear, concise, easy-to-understand language, it is an ideal starting point for both the novice gardener and the more experienced for whom a water feature is a new project for an existing garden. Water has been important in gardens since ancient times, not just for irrigation but for decorative and relaxation purposes. The sound of running water, be it a waterfall, a stream, a fountain or even a trickle from an old water pump, induces a calming effect into our busy lives and gives a feeling of tranquility to even the most urban of gardens. Planning, siting, construction, planting and the introduction of fish or wildlife are all covered in detail and accompanied by attractive photographs and diagrams. Many ideas are suggested from a wildlife pond, formal pond, streams, bubble fountains and waterfalls, offering something for everyone's taste. The plant directory is full of information on different varieties and their individual requirements and a year-round maintenance diary is a useful reference. For fish lovers the section on Koi should prove indispensable and the book ends on a number of the most frequently asked questions concerning ponds, fish and their upkeep. Written in a chatty but well-informed way, the text is interspersed with 'facts and figures' providing both useful information such as how to calculate the amount of liner required to the interesting - the background of a plant's name for example. Graham Clarke's knowledge shines through and even someone with no gardening knowledge at all will not get lost in this book.