How to Live With a Woman?: … And Still Watch Football

How to Live With a Woman?: … And Still Watch Football

by Michael Powell (Author)


Do you sometimes get the feeling that the woman in your life not only wears the trousers, but the balls as well? Do you feel guilty when you go out with your mates? Do you get nagged for leaving the toilet seat up? Did she buy you a global positioning system for your birthday so that she always knows where you are?

If you answered, 'Er,um . . . well, what do you think, honey?' to any of these questions, then you need help - and fast!

From how to be worshipped in the bedroom to playing away from home, this book shows how to put the balls firmly back in your court - if you can still find them! Just because you're a new man doesn't mean you should stop watching sport, staggering home drunk or adjusting yourself in public.

With indispensable advice on telling little white lies, learning not to say sorry, getting sex on demand, what to do when she wants to have kids, getting away with annoying habits and how to spend more time with your PC, you'll wonder how you ever managed to live without this book.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Robson Books
Published: 18 Aug 2005

ISBN 10: 1861058683
ISBN 13: 9781861058683

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Ideal for the hen-pecked and the hassled, this is a guide to becoming the kind of strong-minded male that drives women wild!
Author Bio
Michael Powell is a bestselling author of over twenty-five books for both children and adults, including two titles in this series, 'Good Old-fashioned Advice' (1861058675) and 'Ask Your Father' (1861058608). Before becoming a writer he trained at RADA and spent several years as an internationally unknown actor and musical director. He lives in Somerset with his wife and two young children.