Off the Rails: The Crisis on Britain's Railways (Britain's Great Rail Crisis - Cause, Consequences and Cure)

Off the Rails: The Crisis on Britain's Railways (Britain's Great Rail Crisis - Cause, Consequences and Cure)

by Andrew Murray (Author)


Written by a Communications Officer for the train-drivers'union ASLEF, this volume exposes the history of mismanagement of Britain's rail network since privatization. A new afterword brings the story up to date, including details on the Potter's Bar accident.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
Edition: New
Publisher: Verso Books
Published: 19 Sep 2002

ISBN 10: 1859844960
ISBN 13: 9781859844960

Media Reviews
Andrew Murray rightly draws attention to the fact that - far from modernising the railways in the interests of the customer - the break-up and privatisation of rail has led to catastrophe and a deteriorating service. His conclusion that rail privatisation is not only 'uniquely awful' but has a wider message about the role of the private sector in the public services is highly relevant to the debate now taking place about the future of those services. - Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London Andrew Murray has produced a mini-masterpiece and done his country an enormous favour ... In a better world ASLEF union organisers would distribute free copies at mainline stations to weary, humiliated commuters. - New Statesman In exposing the failings that enterprise and political expediency have brought us so far, [this] combination of forceful reasoning and emotional polemics carries the day. The most ardent free-marketer will struggle to rebut [it]. -- Daily Telegraph ... prescient... - Financial Times It is not often that one can describe a book examining policy failures, mmanagement failures and risk assessment at as a 'rattling good yarn' - Tribune Meticulously researched and well-written, this book is a must. - Morning Star
Author Bio
Andrew Murray is Communications Officer for the train drivers' union ASLEF. He is the author of Flashpoint: World War 3.