Cary Grant: A Class Apart

Cary Grant: A Class Apart

by Graham Mc Cann (Author)


The ultimate biography of this ever-popular star and icon, from a young Cambridge don who has already made his name with a much praised biography of Marilyn Monroe. Cary Grant made men seem like a good idea. Tall, dark and handsome with a rare gift for light comedy, he played a leading man who liked to be led, a man of the world who was a man of the people. Cary Grant was Hollywood's quintessential democratic gentleman. Born in England as Archie Leach, made famous in America as Cary Grant, he was a star for more than 30 years, in more than 70 movies, his popularity still intact when he brought his career to a close. He was never replaced: nobody else talked like that, looked like that, behaved like that. He was a class apart. Cary Grant never explained how he came to play 'Cary Grant' so well. 'Nobody is every truthful about his own life,' he said. 'There are always ambiguities.' This book explores the ambiguities in the life and work of Cary Grant: a working class Englishman who portrayed a well-bred American; the playful entertainer who became a powerful businessman; the intimate stranger who was often the seduced male. Thorough and meticulously researched, this book is a dazzling and entertaining account of Cary Grant's broad and enduring appeal.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Edition: New e.
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Published: 03 Jul 1997

ISBN 10: 1857025741
ISBN 13: 9781857025743

Author Bio

Graham McCann is professor of social and political science at King's College, Cambridge. His previous books include: MARILYN MONROE: The Body in the Library (1988); WOODY ALLEN: New Yorker (1990); REBEL MALES: Clift, Brando & Dean, and a recent study of Theodore Adorno for Blackwells.