The Natural Guide to Women's Health

The Natural Guide to Women's Health

by PennyStanway (Author)


Women want the option of the best of both worlds in 'gynae' care - the power to make an informed choice between conventional and complementary treatments, or to combine the two. But every woman is different, so 'the best' implies a personalised treatment package. Women need to know the pros and cons of each treatment, which combinations are safe and which are not, and what to do in which order. But good, up-to-date information is often hard to come by, and some gynaecologists are resistant to women taking part in the decision-making process. Natural Gynaecology provides answers to questions of prevention and cure for the gamut of women's problems, including heavy, absent or irregular periods; candida infections; breast pain; sexually transmitted diseases; and cancers. - Up to 60,000 hysterectomy operations are carried out on women in the UK every year. This means that one in five of all women in the UK will have a hysterectomy. - One in nine will have breast cancer. - More than one in three suffer from premenstrual syndrome; one in twenty women suffer so severely that their lives are seriously affected. - Every woman who lives long enough will go through the menopause. - 21st-century women are aware of facts like these. They are eager to do what they can to avoid future problems and to make informed and intelligent choices if the need arises. - Many orthodox doctors are quick to recommend hysterectomy - a major operation that often has serious emotional side-effects - without exploring other avenues first. Women want to know what options are available to them. - Less serious 'gynae complaints' can often be alleviated by making simple lifestyle changes such as eating more healthily, maintaining the right weight and taking a sensible amount of exercise. - Penny Stanway is a qualified medical doctor - she by no means rejects orthodox treatment, which she describes as 'often helpful, sometimes essential and occasionally life-saving'. But she recognises that many women would rather try gentler treatments as well (or instead). For each complaint she provides an invaluable 'symptom sorter' to enable you to assess the most likely cause of the complaint; information on what you can do for yourself and what your doctor may recommend; and a checklist treatment plan - vital, could be vital and optional. - Everything from aromatherapy (because it relaxes you, stimulates you or just makes you feel better and less stressed) to surgery (because this is no time to mess about) is considered in its rightful place, enabling women to make their choices calmly and confidently. - Natural Gynaecology concentrates on all the stages of female development; from the onset of puberty to pregnancy and childbirth, through the menopause and beyond, making it an essential family reference for every generation.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Kyle Books
Published: 15 May 2003

ISBN 10: 1856264645
ISBN 13: 9781856264648

Author Bio
Penny Stanway is uniquely qualified to write this book. She is a doctor with experience in general practice and in family and reproductive health, and has a long-held interest in natural cures. As health columnist for Woman's Weekly, she receives ongoing correspondence about readers' health concerns and is bang up-to-date on women's health news. Her previous books for Kyle Cathie are The Feel Good Facelift and LifeLight; she is also the author of the classic Breast is Best.