GREENPEACE BALTIC (Greenpeace - The Seas of Europe)

GREENPEACE BALTIC (Greenpeace - The Seas of Europe)

by RuneLeithe-Eriksen (Author)


The Baltic is the world's largest expanse of slow-moving water which, because of low temperatures and the absence of tides, is very sensitive to pollution. This book documents the environmental threats posed by the highly industrialized societies that surround the Baltic, while also portraying its great beauty. Its geography and unique natural history are covered, as well as the dangers to its natural resources and the politics that shape the area's future. Special features are accompanied by landscape and wildlife photography from the Greenpeace archives and other sources, and the book ends with a look at what has already been achieved in environmental protection, and at Greenpeace's own involvement. The author co-ordinated Greenpeace's Baltic project for its first three years, and continues to work closely with it.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Publisher: Collins & Brown
Published: 02 Apr 1992

ISBN 10: 1855850796
ISBN 13: 9781855850798