Moving Towards Home: Political Essays

Moving Towards Home: Political Essays

by JuneJordan (Author), JuneJordan (Author)


June Jordan - poet, activist, essayist, teacher - is also a political writer. In this collection of her writings, she gives us a manifesto of hope, anger and visionary power. While ducking police bullets in the Harlem riots of 1964, Jordan realized that she hated everything and everyone white. But at the same time, she recognized that hate was what motivated her enemies. "So back in 1964", she writes, "I resolved not to run on hatred, but, instead, to use what I loved, words, to fight for the people I loved". The scope of her writing over the past 25 years bears witness to her intention: police brutality; the poverty of educational opportunity offered to black children in the ghettos; witnessing in Mississippi a white man's casual murder of another human being; her mother's death; the viability of black English; Nicaragua and South Africa; child abuse; the silences of friendship - all summon up Jordan's clear voice and unwavering commitment.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Virago
Published: 09 Mar 1989

ISBN 10: 1853810436
ISBN 13: 9781853810435