Sex Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses: Pt. 2

Sex Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses: Pt. 2

by NigelCawthorne (Author)


Sex has been the common currency of Hollywood from the beginning. The early tycoons packed their epics with ravishing dancing girls and frequently used the casting couch to decide who should be rocketed to star status. Hollywood has always used sex to sell but in the early days went to great lengths to cover up the erring ways of their tops stars. The screen goddesses of Hollywood could have anybody, and frequently did. The roll call of their lovers ranged from the producers and directors they met on the way up to the money-grabbing no-goods they bumped into on the way down. In the previous volume Nigel Cawthorne lifted the lid on Hollywood sex - the wild parties, secret lovers, sordid pasts and tragic endings - and in this new volume he does the same for a whole batch of new screen legends including Ingrid Bergman, Anita Ekberg, Jayne Mansfield, Mae West, Dorothy Dandridge, Susan Hayward and many more.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Prion Books Ltd
Published: 01 Jan 2004

ISBN 10: 1853755141
ISBN 13: 9781853755149