Numerology (Ancient Wisdom)

Numerology (Ancient Wisdom)

by NewHolland (Author), NewHollandPublishersLtd (Author), Greg Russell (Author)


Numerology, or the science of numbers, had its origin in symbols used by primitive peoples to express ideas, and long before alphabets were invented, ancient scholars studied the science of numbers for guidance in daily living. This work explains how the mystical knowledge of the past is useful today through the significance of the numbers from one to nine. It discusses how to use numerology to discover more about yourself, your relationships and your career possibilities, and shows how numerology also relates to other ancient systems, including tarot, I Ching and both western and oriental astrology.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 72
Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd
Published: 01 Nov 1998

ISBN 10: 1853689831
ISBN 13: 9781853689833