All Mates Together (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise): 8

All Mates Together (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise): 8

by Cathy Hopkins (Author)


Everything's about to change for Cat. She's moving house, so she'll have a room of her own at last, and her dad's about to marry Jen, which means a shopping trip to London and a chance to meet up with her new mates, Nesta, Lucy, Izzie and TJ, as well as see Jamie. But nothing goes as expected -- Cat's dream room looks like a non-starter, Jamie does a disappearing act, and wedding plans fall apart. How will Cat cope, and will she keep her promise to reveal a hidden secret to her friends?


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Piccadilly Press Ltd
Published: 30 May 2008

ISBN 10: 185340974X
ISBN 13: 9781853409745

Author Bio
Cathy Hopkins is the author of the incredibly successful Mates, Dates and Truth, Dare books. She spends most of her time locked in a shed at the bottom of the garden pretending to write books but is actually in there listening to music, hippie dancing and talking to her friends on email. Occasionally she is joined by Molly, the cat who thinks she is a copy editor and likes to walk all over the keyboard rewriting and deleting words she doesn't like. Apart from that, Cathy has joined the gym and spends more time than is good for her making up excuses as to why she hasn't got time to go.