Success with Psychometric Testing

Success with Psychometric Testing

by Derrick White (Author), Derrick White (Author), Howard Kahn (Foreword)


Have you ever undergone a psychometric test and not understood the process of the outcome? Have you heard all the mysterious classification words - Drivers, Amiables, Intuitives, etc...- and wondered what they meant? Understanding psychometrics is extremely valuable whether you are applying for a job or recruiting staff. Identifying psychometric types can ensure all the square pegs go into the square holes and the composition of a team can be finely balanced to achieve the greatest efficiency. It is invaluable in understanding all relationships - in selling, negotiation or team building. It will also explain why personal relationships can blossom or die. It helps us to understand our children and why we warm to some people, yet feel uncomfortable or even hostile towards others.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 172
Publisher: Management Books 2000 Ltd
Published: 21 May 1998

ISBN 10: 1852522488
ISBN 13: 9781852522483

Author Bio
Derrick White is a training consultant, psychometrician, freelance writer, Rotary speaker and the SNP's parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh East. He is also author of Close More Sales (published by MB2000).