Around the Houses (Five Star)

Around the Houses (Five Star)

by Amanda Boulter (Author)


Anna is an ordinary woman in an extraordinary situation. She?s having a baby, the father?s gay, her lover?s a woman and she still hasn?t told her parents. Her best friend Ruby is feckless, forty and fondling every man she can. Her neighbours are the OAPs from Hell and across the road Greg is pining for Acorn, the eco-poet who abandoned him with their baby. Into all this walks Shirley. She?s left her provincial home and desperately needs a life: but Pearl, her mother, is coming too. In Around the Houses Anna and her new family deal with the consequences of coming out; Ruby has to face up to a violent past: Shirley falls for Greg; and Pearl finds her true self at the Cosmic Caf?. The subject of this quirky, insightful and sharp novel, Balham will never be the same again.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
Edition: Main
Publisher: Serpent's Tail
Published: 14 Feb 2002

ISBN 10: 1852426977
ISBN 13: 9781852426972

Media Reviews
?Anna is a lesbian, she?s having a baby, the father is gay, her parents are ignorant of the whole thing and the neighbours are a colourful array of straight and gay characters. It is a feel-good story with an addictive style which I believe could well catch on? The Bookseller 'Amanda Boulter has written a funny, telling urban tale about a neighbourhood where different identities, sexualities and communities generate conflict, humour and wacky situations in equal measure. But this absorbing first novel is a hymn to freedom. And you believe in the humour and the energy because Boulter doesn't shirk the realities of prejudice and violence. These are tales of the city to make you shake, weep and giggle out loud. I'm already looking forward to the next one? Patricia Duncker
Author Bio
Amanda Boulter is a lecturer in English at a HE College. She lives with her partner and their two sons in Dorset.