Chocolate: The Food of the Gods

Chocolate: The Food of the Gods

by Chantal Coady (Author), Liz Wright (Illustrator), Liz Wright (Illustrator), Chantal Coady (Author)


Sensuous and emotive, chocolate is a prized quality ingredient. coveted by the most talented chefs and consumed in delicious sweets and desserts around the world. This book is about chocolate at its purest and best, truly a food fit for the gods. Chantal Coady, founder of The Chocolate Society, examines the truth behind popular myths (Does chocolate cause migraines? Is it an aphrodisiac?) and examines the different types of chocolate and why they vary so much in taste and quality. She also traces the colourful, often chequered, history of chocolate from the bitter, scummy drink popular among the Aztec Indians of Central America through its introduction into European society by the Spanish conquerors of the New World to the production of the first commercial chocolate bars in Britain by philanthropic Quaker families. Twenty-five recipes featuring chocolate in all its forms - sweet, savoury and liquid - from Claudia Roden's delicious and simple chocolate to a luxurious eighteenth-century recipe for hot chocolate complete this guide.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Edition: First
Publisher: Pavilion Books
Published: 07 Oct 1993

ISBN 10: 1851459596
ISBN 13: 9781851459599