So You Think You Know About Britain?

So You Think You Know About Britain?

by Danny Dorling (Author)


When it comes to immigration, the population explosion, the collapse of the family, the north-south divide, devolution, or the death of the countryside, common wisdom tells us that we are in trouble; however, this is far from the truth. In his brilliant anatomy of contemporary Britain, leading geographer Daniel Dorling dissects the nation and reveals unexpected truths about the way we live today, contrary to what you might read in the news:

The human mosaic: Most children who live above the fourth floor of tower blocks in England are Black or Asian. The higher you go in a building, the darker skinned children tend to be.

Relationships: The more times a person's heart is broken, the nearer they will tend to move to the sea. If you want to find a good man to marry head for the countryside.

North and South: People in the south move home on average every seven years and job every eight years. This is a year faster than in the north of England, but a year slower than is usual in Scotland.

Optimum population: Emmigrant nation - There are twice as many grandchildren of British-born people living over-seas as there are people living in Britain who have grandparents who were themselves born abroad. The problem now is more about getting pregnant than a population explosion and we need more immigration not less.

Immigration: Muslims are far more likely to marry non-Muslims in Britain than Christians are to marry non-Christians.

The elderly: Most people in Britain never live long enough to experience being burgled. In some areas you would have to live for over five hundred years to have an 'evens' chance of being a crime victim.

Town and Country - divided since the enclosures: Step children are most commonly found in the most leafy of idyllic rural villages. Nuclear family homogeneity is now an inner city phenomena. Why are there no cheap homes in the countryside any more?

Transport: The greatest threat to life in Britain of all those aged under 40 is the car. For adults aged over 24 they most likely die as a driver, over 15 as a passenger, and over age 4 as a pedestrian.

Work: There is no need for us to work until we drop - all could retire early.

Reviews for Injustice:

A geographer maps the injustices of Selfish Capitalism with scholarly detachment. --Oliver James.

Dorling provides the brain-cleaning software we need to begin creating a happier society. --Richard Wilkinson author of The Spirit Level.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Publisher: Constable
Published: 17 Mar 2011

ISBN 10: 1849013918
ISBN 13: 9781849013918
Book Overview: A fascinating insight into the current state of Britain that constantly surprises and overturns much received wisdom of today's society.

Media Reviews
Astonishing. * Geographical *
Fascinating. * Saga *
If you need to be pursuaded of such a case (for this country to change) there is no better book to read. * Guardian *
(A) brilliant anatomy of contemporary Britain. * Lovereading UK *
Deserves to be read widely. * Times Higher Education Supplement *
Author Bio
Danny Dorling is the Professor of Geography at Sheffield University. He is the honorary president of the Royal Cartographic Society. In 2009 he was awarded the Gold Award of the Geographical Association and the Back Award of the Royal Geographical Society. He has appeared on the recent Story of Now series and will appear with Andrew Marr on a BBC 2 programme to co-incide with the census in April 2011. He is the official geographer used by the government to report on the census.