Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species are Being Rescued from the Brink

Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species are Being Rescued from the Brink

by JaneGoodall (Author)


The incredible rapid rate at which various animals and plants are disappearing from the planet is shocking. Scientists currently believe that habitats across the globe are losing dozens of species every day. Jane Goodall, who has become one of the standard-bearers for animal conservation through her numerous books, television programmes and close work with animals, is nonetheless defiant - 'While there is life there is hope', she states in her introduction to this profound and inspirational book. In demanding natural and political environments conservationists risk their lives to save animals from the brink of extinction. Jane's unique access takes us inside these programmes, meeting first-hand a vast range of animals from Giant Pandas in China to the young generations of Whooping Cranes in Texas that are being taught new migration routes - led by human devotees in flying machines. Hope For Animals and Their World is a celebration of the great work being done to protect our wildlife for future generations. Goodall's message rings loud and clear: we must not give up.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd
Published: 05 Aug 2010

ISBN 10: 1848311516
ISBN 13: 9781848311510

Media Reviews
`This book is a testament to these beliefs, profiling as it does numerous individuals who, by virtue of their extensive commitment and deep love for the creatures they are trying to help, have succeeded in rescuing endangered species from extinction, mainly through captive breeding.' -- John May, Generalist Blog
`Jane Goodall says she is often accused of being unrealistically optimistic. In fact, she deserves our thanks and praise for keeping hopes alive and inspiring millions of people the world over with her undinting efforts, to make us see the beauty and importance of nature and to encourage us all to do more to help preserve it.' -- John May, Generalist Blog
`[Jane Goodall] combines stateliness with a kind of holiness, her religion a predominately green one.' -- Stephen Moss, G2 Guardian
`Jane Goodall's book has demonstrated all manner of brave, messy, patient, self-sacrificing and occasionally rather barmy-sounding behaviour in their battle to preserve the Earth's biodiversity.' -- Telegraph
`With hope but without hype, Goodall and her co-authors identify rare animals and birds, and describe the threats to them, pitching stories of survival to move and inspire new generations of ecologists.' -- Times
`Goodall's approach, while mater-of-fact, is refreshingly hopeful - the stories she tells are ones of success. But there is a sense of urgency to the book and she offers practical advice for anyone wanting to involve themselves in conservation.' -- Financial Times
``Hope for Animals and their World' is Goodall's gift of optimism to us, her shining a light on how we can all make a contribution towards mending a wounded planet.' -- Glasgow Herald
`Jane Goodall has always been about motivation - her early work proved to be an inspiration to biologists and conservationists... this latest book is no exception. It's a pep talk to gloomy conservationists, and while there is no grand thesis it is a timely reminder that however good humans are at destruction we are also remarkably clever at fixing things.' -- New Scientist
``Hope for Animals' is a tribute to the thousands of men and women who dedicate themselves to rescuing endangered species and keeping them safe, which can mean anything from teaching them how to eat bugs or how to fly, to how to mate. Through Goodall, these people become the voice of the voiceless and the Keepers of the Planet.' -- Elizabeth Abbott, Globe and Mail
Author Bio
Dr Jane Goodall is the world's most famous primatologist and a high-profile campaigner for animal conservation. The internationally renowned Jane Goodall Institute, which she founded in 1977, operates around the world, promoting positive change for communities, animals and the environment. Jane has been awarded numerous prizes for her work and has published several best-selling books.