Yuck's Amazing Underpants and Yuck's Scary Spider (Yuck Series)

Yuck's Amazing Underpants and Yuck's Scary Spider (Yuck Series)

by Mattand Dave (Author)


Get the giggles with Yuck! Two more horrible adventures in this bestselling series for first readers.

YUCK'S AMAZING UNDERPANTS: Yuck has been wearing his favourite underpants every day and every night for six weeks. Mum wants them in the wash, but Yuck has other plans. With the help of a jar of mould, his underpants are soon taking on a life of their own...

YUCK'S SCARY SPIDER: Yuck's spider is big, fat and hairy, and everyone is scared of it. But it's only trying to be friendly. When the headmaster traps it under a glass in his office, Yuck plans a major rescue mission. Can he and his friends save the spider, and get their own back?


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More Information

Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's UK
Published: 01 Oct 2007

ISBN 10: 1847381944
ISBN 13: 9781847381941
Children’s book age: 5-7 Years

Author Bio
Matthew Morgan and David Sinden co-developed and wrote the YUCK stories. They're lifelong friends who met at a primary school sports day and grew up in Kent. Matt and Dave both worked in children's publishing before turning to fulltime writing. They also write AN AWFULLY BEASTLY BUSINESS series with their friend Guy MacDonald.