The Message: Seven Steps to Hope and Healing

The Message: Seven Steps to Hope and Healing

by Colin Fry (Author)


In this wonderful book, Colin reveals wisdom from the Other Side that could change your life. Sharing his incredible true stories of encounters with the spirit world, he also sets out seven steps for leaving hurt and hardship behind. These steps will lead you to an inner place in which hope and healing can become yours at last. Colin Fry's TV shows '6ixth Sense' and 'Psychic Private Eyes' have intrigued his huge number of fans, and his previous books, Life Before Death and Secrets From the Afterlife, have been bestsellers. Colin is a medium with a difference: not only does he communicate on a personal level with loved ones who have passed over, but his work has given him life-enhancing insights that can benefit us all. Prepare to receive the Message...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: UK ed.
Publisher: Rider
Published: 16 Apr 2009

ISBN 10: 1846041635
ISBN 13: 9781846041631
Book Overview: Colin Fry, TV's leading psychic medium and Sunday Times bestselling author, reveals a life-changing Message from the Other Side

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A remarkable man -- Nicholas Lyndhurst
He's the real deal -- Suzi Quatro
Amazing, absolutely amazing -- Daniella Westbrook * Sunday Magazine *
Author Bio
Born in 1962, Colin Fry received his first message at the age of ten and became a professional medium at seventeen. He tours internationally and is the acclaimed star of the television shows 6ixth Sense and Psychic Private Eyes. One of the leading lights in the psychic mediumship world, Colin uses his spiritual knowledge to offer life-changing advice and support to people, providing sensible, down-to-earth explanations about the strange world of the paranormal and supernatural. He is the hugely popular author of Life Before Death, Secrets from the Afterlife and The Message. Visit his website