Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business

Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business

by John Richardson (Author), Hugh Gilmartin (Author)


Witty, authoritative, comprehensive and fun, Wake Up and Smell the Profit is the ultimate guide to making more money in your coffee business.In this book you'll find the sharpest insights and the best ideas from two of the UK's top Coffee Business Gurus. Together 'The Coffee Boys' have 40 years' experience in how to make money in the coffee selling business. Whether you operate a single site espresso bar, a Michelin starred restaurant or chain of hotels, there is something in this book for everyone.With 52 motivating tips and suggestions (plus an extra bonus idea for good measure), all you need to do is apply one initiative a week for a year and you could have a much more profitable and easier to manage business within twelve months.With this book you'll be able to:A* Make more money and work lessA* Have happier customers who spend more moneyA* Win more customers without spending a fortuneA* Enjoy running your business moreA* Create customers who rave about your business and consequently generate more customers through word of mouthWhat are you waiting for?

Contents: Introduction; 1. It's all about the money - the good news; 2. It's all about the money - the bad news; 3. It's all about the money - a little story; 4. Focus on coffee for profit; 5. Great coffee (profits) come from great training; 6. Great coffee sales come from one thing - great taste; 7. It's all about the food; 8. There are three ways and only three ways to grow your business; 9. Be brave about your prices; 10. Know your figures and have a plan - a plan that works for you!; 11. Get accountable and know your figures; 12. Know your food cost for every single item; 13. Know your labour/wage cost and stay accountable; 14. It's your fault - get this and then get it again; 15. A coffee shop is all about people - and people need clear rules; 16. Make sure your employees understand the numbers; 17. Every pound is not equal. A pound earned is worth a lot less than a pound saved; 18. View your coffee business as if you were a customer; 19. View the business every day as if you were an employee; 20. Break the whole selling process down and make it better; 21. Keep your toilets spotless; 22. Treat lunch like a restaurant; 23. Create food stories about your star products and sell, sell, sell; 24. Get crafty with your menu and signage; 25. Watch your language; 26. Say hello; 27. Don't point and watch your body language; 28. Nod your head when asking a customer if they would like something; 29. Thank them; 30. The Granny Rule; 31 Keep the kids occupied; 32. Sell more coffee with cake and more cake with coffee Up selling and cross selling; 33. Sell more cold drinks; 34. Get your customer flow right; 35. Make it easy for the customer to buy; 36. Work out your lifetime customer value; 37. Consider the sizes - carefully; 38. Make it accessible and open. Make it all look great; 39 Use your sign wisely. Spend money and make yourshop look obvious; 40. Get creative with signage; 41. Avoid A sour faced hagsA ; 42. Make the customers feel you care; 43. Use the list -cheapest marketing you'll ever do; 44. Create a catering side to your business; 45. Post the utility bills; 46. Incentives for saving money and making money; 47. Get creative with your marketing and steal ideas from other industries; 48. Create a A bibleA ; 49. Beware staff attitudes towards business ownership; 50. Make a big deal of the big days; 51. Think wisely before you open your second shop; 52. Give a bit extra; 53. Work A onA the business not A inA it; And finally; Thanks; More from The Coffee Boys.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 109
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: How To Books
Published: 19 Oct 2008

ISBN 10: 1845283341
ISBN 13: 9781845283346

Media Reviews
'A quite brilliant new book on cafe operation.' Coffee House Magazine'...a quite exceptional new book from Ireland's Coffee Boys,...in it they bring together their favourite stories and wake-up calls, from what has sometimes been hard-won experience...the most meaningful work on coffee retailing since Sahar Hashemi wrote about how she founded Coffee Republic.' Caterer and Hotelkeeper Magazine 'This gem of a book contains 52 motivating tips and suggestions relevant to any catering establishment that wants to be sucessful. A must have publication.' Essentially Catering
Author Bio
John Richardson has been, and still is, involved in some of the most successful sandwich and coffee bars, cafes, and turnkey consultancy projects in the UK, and is an expert in marketing and financial business modelling. He currently spends the majority of his time helping his international client base increase their profitability in their coffee related businesses. Hugh Gilmartin is well known in international coffee business circles. He speaks at conferences in Europe and the US, and is a board member of The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.