Learning to Counsel: Develop the Skills, Insight and Knowledge to Counsel Others

Learning to Counsel: Develop the Skills, Insight and Knowledge to Counsel Others

by Jan Sutton (Author), William Stewart (Contributor)


he new edition of this popular and userfriendly book has been thoughtfully revised, updated and expanded. Fresh informationhas been added to keep pace with the rapidly advancing field of counselling and psychotherapy.Learning to Counsel, Third Edition, contains an abundance of illustrative graphics, case studies, examples of skills in practice, practical exercises, and sample letters, forms and checklists designed to stimulate learning. Its predecessor appears onthe recommended reading list of several counselling certificate courses.This new revised edition is an ideal text for those contemplating embarking on a counselling course, trainee counsellors, counselling tutors to use in training, professionals working in the area of health care, management, and education, and counsellors working in the voluntary sector.

Contents: Illustrations, table, sample forms and letters; Foreword; Preface; 1. Exploring Counselling; 2. Exploring Essential Counsellor Qualities; 3. Developing Self-Awareness; 4. Helping the Client Feel Safe; 5. Helping the Client Explore the Problem (Part 1); 6. Helping the Client Explore the Problem (Part 2); 7. Helping the Client Understand the Problem; 8. Helping the Client Resolve the Problem; 9. Terminating the Counselling Relationship; 10. Counsellor Self-Care; Appendix 1 Sample Forms and Letters; Appendix 2 Suggested Responses to Exercises; Appendix 3 Important People in the Development of Counselling; Glossary; Useful Websites; Further Reading; Index.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 264
Edition: 3
Publisher: How To Books
Published: 19 Aug 2008

ISBN 10: 1845283252
ISBN 13: 9781845283254

Media Reviews
'A counsellor's pocketbook and a useful companion to students on courses up to counselling skills certificate level.' Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal'I believe this book is a must for every counsellor's library. It illustrates clearly the techniques, process and goals of counselling, and is spiced with interesting and entertaining case studies. Supervisors and teachers will find it useful to guide their students and experienced counsellors will be reminded of the basics in this excellent book.' Dr John Gunzburg, Melbourne, Australia.
Author Bio
Drawing on their numerous years experience as counsellors, tutors, and writers, Jan Sutton and William Stewart introduce readers to the basic principles that underpin counselling practice; provide insight into various counseling approaches; clarify the nature of counseling and the role of the counsellor, and assist readers to develop a repertoire of key counselling skills and qualities, such as active listening, genuineness, unconditional positive regard, empathy, goal-setting, etc. They also address the important issues of ongoing supervision to enhance counselling practice, and counsellor self-care to reduce the risk of burnout. Jan Sutton is also author of Healing the Hurt Within and William Stewart is author of An A-Z of Counselling Theory and Practice.