Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the

Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the "Rolling Stones" (and Lived to Tell the Tale): How a Nice Boy from ... "Rolling Stones" (and Lived to Tell the Tale)

by Bill German (Author)


It's every rock 'n' roll fan's dream - to hang out with the band they love. But for Bill German it wasn't just a dream - it was a job. When 16 year old Bill German, up late in his pj's, put the finishing touches to the first issue of his Rolling Stones fanzine Beggars Banquet, little did he know he'd embarked on a rock odyssey that would take him from his tiny bedroom in Brooklyn into the inner sanctum of the greatest rock band in the world. Shyly pushing his crudely mimeographed newsletter into the hands of band members as they bundled into limos, personally delivering every issue to their New York office, little did he suspect the Stones were actually reading it. Yet they were - it was the only way they could keep tabs on each other - and suddenly the teenager found himself drawn into a heady world of after show parties, impromptu jam sessions, world tours, drug smuggling and late night heart-to-hearts. And there - between stops at Clapton's pad and the White House - he found a band profoundly uncertain of its future and constantly on the verge of break-up. Bill's memoir is a touching, naive, raucous, bittersweet journey from adolescence to mid-life crisis, but also the story of a band in transition. The 1980s saw the death of founder Stone Ian Stewart; the strains and rivalries of their burgeoning solo careers; and, with the launch of Steel Wheels in 1989, The Rolling Stones' final apotheosis from devil may care enfants terribles, to mature stadium rockers. Bill German saw it all and in Under Their Thumb he describes how he, Mick, Keith, Ron, Bill and Charlie finally came of age. And how a nice boy from Brooklyn played with fire and lived to tell the tale. www.BeggarsBanquetOnline.com


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd
Published: 16 Apr 2009

ISBN 10: 1845134753
ISBN 13: 9781845134754

Author Bio
Bill German wrote and published Beggars Banquet from 1978-1996. He co-authored The Works with Ron Wood, and has written for Spin and Rolling Stone. www.BeggarsBanquetOnline.com