New Optical Illusions

New Optical Illusions

by Gianni A . Sarcone (Author), Marie - Jo Waeber (Author), Gianni A . Sarcone (Author), Marie - Jo Waeber (Author)


New Optical Illusions is filled with superb, colourful optical illusion illustrations, all designed and drawn up by, the Italian puzzle and illusion creator. The book contains many new and previously unpublished optical illusions, as well as new adaptations of lesser-known optical illusions. Each image carries an explanation of how it works, the story behind it - when it was discovered or who invented it first (where available) - and details of why it fools the human brain.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
Published: 17 Oct 2005

ISBN 10: 1844423271
ISBN 13: 9781844423279

Author Bio
Gianni Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber are co-founders of Archimedes' Laboratory, an Italian-based training and consulting network of game designers that specializes in developing creativity. They invent, create and develop interactive thinking games and optical illusions.