She's Leaving Home

She's Leaving Home

by JoanBakewell (Author)


Liverpool late 1950s. This is a story of three people: a suppressed mother; a father, projectionist at the local cinema which has seen better days; and their daughter Martha. It is a time of many escapes: Nureyev defects in London; Gagarin escapes the earth's atmosphere to be the first man in space; the Beatles escape the dreariness of Liverpool to seek their fortune in Hamburg. In Britain the drab 50s are giving way to the lively 60s and the young sense it. With shades of Billy Liar, and Absolute Beginners, this novel brilliantly captures that longing for freedom. SHE'S LEAVING HOME is about the madness, the intensity and the passion that made the sixties an iconic decade.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Publisher: Virago
Published: 03 Nov 2011

ISBN 10: 1844086690
ISBN 13: 9781844086696
Book Overview: * The wonderful new novel from Joan Bakewell, author of the acclaimed All the Nice Girls

Author Bio
Joan Bakewell is a journalist and broadcaster. She lives in London and has two children and six grandchildren. Her first novel was All the Nice Girls.