The Atlas of Endangered Species (The Earthscan Atlas)

The Atlas of Endangered Species (The Earthscan Atlas)

by RichardMacKay (Author)


This revised and updated edition of the bestselling "Atlas of Endangered Species" provides the most current, comprehensive and easy-to-use reference to the species under threat and their habitats. With more than 50 full colour global maps, regional maps to illuminate key aspects, colour photos of rare creatures and detailed case studies, it remains the essential guide and reference to what is going on and why it is so important. It is a fully illustrated and comprehensive guide to the world's endangered plants and animals. Full colour maps and graphics provide at-a-glance information on species lost, threatened and surviving today, including trees and other plants, birds, animals, reptiles and insects. Up to 20 per cent of species may be extinct by 2030, a loss that could threaten our own security. "The Atlas of Endangered Species" locates and identifies different species of wildlife and shows how human survival depends on biodiversity. It traces the movement of animals and plants across continents and catalogues the inhabitants of different ecosystems including forests, wetlands and mangroves, coastal systems and coral reefs. It examines the major threats to biodiversity - from loss of habitat to hunting - and the steps being taken towards conservation. Accompanied by photographs of rare birds, mammals and plants, topics include: prehistory; early habitat loss and extinctions; measuring biodiversity; threats to biodiversity; what lives where; ecosystems and their communities; conservation and sustainable development; planned reintroductions; and, trade and protected species.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Edition: 1
Publisher: Routledge
Published: 01 Nov 2005

ISBN 10: 1844072886
ISBN 13: 9781844072880

Media Reviews
'Highly engaging pictures, maps and graphics that bring immediately home the ever-increasing crisis of extinction.' The Ecologist 'The first fully illustrated and comprehensive guide to the world's endangered plants and animals.' The Bookseller 'Quite simply, every school and institution library should get a copy.' TEG News, British Ecological Society 'A compact, clear and informative book that should have a place on the bookshelf of all readers interested in nature conservation' Entomofauna 'Hats off to Richard Mackay, who has produced an eminently readable, easy to dip into, and ready reference book. A particular beauty of this book (apart from the colourful illustrations) is that both the layperson and graduate can get much out of it.' Biologist 'If you want to get a world perspective on threatened plants and animals, you should buy this attractive and informative book... It deserves to be a great success.' Reference Reviews
Author Bio
Richard Mackay is Environmental Officer at the University of Cambridge. His specialties are ecological issues and sustainable development. His work includes wildlife audits for nature reserves and formulating environmental policies for major companies