Stumped!: The Sports Fans Book of Answers

Stumped!: The Sports Fans Book of Answers

by NicholasHobbes (Author), NicholasHobbes (Author)


Stumped! offers definitive answers to sports-related conundrums including: * Which country is the best at sport? * Who would win a fight between Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee? * In motor racing, is the car or the driver more important? * Are English footballers really thicker than foreign players? Drawing on studies by historians, statisticians, scientists, doctors and philosophers - and bringing a healthy amount of common sense to bear - Nicholas Hobbes addresses the whys, whats and hows so you don't have to. Stumped: it's not the questions but the answers that count.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Edition: Main
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Published: 08 Nov 2007

ISBN 10: 1843546655
ISBN 13: 9781843546658
Book Overview: The world of sport generates perennial debates that can drive a grown man to distraction or create rifts between the firmest of friends. Fear not. Stumped! The Sport's Fans Book of Answers is here to save them.

Author Bio
Nicholas Hobbes is a writer living in London and the author of Essential Militaria and England: 1,000 Things You Need to Know (Atlantic Books, 2003 and 2006).