The Pits

The Pits

by Beverley Turner (Author)


With a maximum of 24 drivers, 12 teams and 17 races per year, the Grand Prix championship is a small, tightly-controlled world in which sponsors - including track owners, tobacco advertisers and automobile multinationals - battle for maximum exposure. In The Pits, ITV F1 presenter Beverley Turner examines closely the murkier aspects of the sport, including: how venues are chosen (and why they are dropped); the (often) extraordinary power of sponsors and the controversial rule changes that deliver more audience-friendly races. She also explains precisely why, because of the way access to F1 is restricted, no book of this kind has ever been written before. Beverley Turner draws on original interviews throughout the Formula 1 fraternity - from top drivers to mechanics and team bosses - and her own experiences as a broadcast journalist to produce a sensational expose of the world's most high-profile capitalist jamboree. After reading this no-holds-barred description of life in the pits, elite motor racing will never seem the same again.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Edition: Main - Print on Demand
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Published: 10 Feb 2005

ISBN 10: 1843542382
ISBN 13: 9781843542384

Media Reviews
An incredibly well researched, erudite look at all areas of Formula One... the side of F1 that only insiders could see... Candid in a way few F1 books are. -- Barbara Ellen * Observer *
Highly entertaining -- Sue Mott * Daily Telegraph *
Another view of what Formula One racing is really all about... Turner was the only female racing commentator for ITV for three years, and certainly knows her subject. She paints a less than flattering picture of a sport where team spirit is non-existent, and the image of glossy glamour has to be promoted at all costs. * Independent *
The Pits has confirmed Beverley Turner is not just a pretty face. -- Jon Henderson * Observer Sports Monthly *
In Turner's TV role it was difficult for her to speak her mind. In fact, it was difficult for her to demonstrate that she even had a mind. Her book serves to do so, and it will therefore take many by surprise... The Pits has hit a very raw nerve. -- Richard Moore * Scotsman *
Author Bio
Beverley Turner has been a regular face on British television for the last four years, hosting sports broadcasts such as ITV's F1, NBA and Tour de France, as well as various music, entertainment and lifestyle shows. She has written about sport, travel and women's health issues for the Daily Telegraph, the Mail on Sunday, Glamour and Marie Claire. This is her first book.