Practical Palmistry for Beginners

Practical Palmistry for Beginners

by JonDathen (Author)


Palmistry is the fascinating art of analyzing personality and life development through studying not only the lines on the palm, but also the shape of the hand and fingers. The book contains user-friendly, large-format palm illustrations aimed at those who have little or no experience of palmistry, but want to read their own hands and those of their friends and family, for fun and enlightenment. It's easy to follow, use and understand, with life-size illustrations of the various hand and finger shapes. The reader simply has to place their hands/fingers on the relevant page to discover which hand type they have. Arranged by life-sphere: health, emotions, relationships, career etc, The Palmistry Toolkit for Beginners makes information easy to access and is packed with helpful insights into all these important areas of life. A large magnifier sheet is included - an essential tool for studying the smaller lines on the palm and the fingerprints.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Collins & Brown
Published: 26 Jun 2003

ISBN 10: 1843400294
ISBN 13: 9781843400295

Author Bio
Jon Dathen writes and practices palmistry under the name of Nathaniel. He has been a professional palmist and tarot reader for 15 years, and since 1995, has written a monthly feature Palmistry Today for Horoscope (UK edition), the world's premiere astrological magazine. His psychic practice is based in the Thames Valley and attracts thousands of clients from all over the UK and abroad.