The Husbands' Book: For the Husband Who's Best at Everything

The Husbands' Book: For the Husband Who's Best at Everything

by JimMaloney (Author)


Marriage is one of the oldest and most respected of all our traditions. The Husbands' Book is a lighthearted celebration of the role of beloved husbands. From their penchant for DIY - however ill-advised - and knowledge of all things to do with cars and sport, to their mysterious inability to work washing machines and ironing boards, husbands are indispensable to the household. The Husbands' Book promises to give them even more reason to wear their wedding ring with pride, including: imaginative ideas for celebrating wedding anniversaries - and how to avert disaster if you forget; tips and tales for every stage of husbandhood - from nervous bridegroom to senior spouse; practical advice on keeping your household running smoothly - basic DIY and beyond; top-ten tips for keeping in your wife's good books; and, heartwarming and amusing stories from real-life husbands.A wonderful gift for all married men, The Husbands' Book is a delightfully informative and entertaining addition to any household.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Publisher: Michael O'Mara
Published: 09 Oct 2008

ISBN 10: 1843173263
ISBN 13: 9781843173267

Author Bio
Jim Maloney is married to Alison Maloney, author of The Wives' Book.