The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs

The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs

by TimGardom (Author), Angela C . Milner (Author)


Taking fossil records as its evidence, The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs treats dinosaurs as a group of living animals, and examines them under the readily understood headings - diet, social behaviour, environment, locomotion - making frequent reference to today's animals as a basis for comparison. This popular approach not only accurately mirrors the methods used by palaeontologists in studying dinosaurs, but also satisfies the overwhelming curiosity of people to know what dinosaurs were like when alive. Unlike an encyclopedia, a data book or even a learned exposition, The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs is designed to be read from start to finish as the developing story of a remarkable group of animals. The book's direct, clear written style, with all unfamiliar names and technical terms clearly explained, and extensive illustrations make it an ideal introduction to dinosaurs for the older child or adult.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Edition: 2
Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
Published: 01 Jun 2001

ISBN 10: 1842222112
ISBN 13: 9781842222119

Author Bio
Dr Angela Milner is one of the world's leading authorities on dinosaurs and was the scientific adviser to The Natural History Museum's dinosaur exhibition. Tim Gardom is a freelance writer. He wrote the storyline for the new dinosaur exhibition.