Victorian Cottages: No 27 (COUNTRY SERIES)

Victorian Cottages: No 27 (COUNTRY SERIES)

by Andrew Clayton - Payne (Author)


The Victorians idealised country life as a rural idyll far away from the smoke and grime of the growing cities. Artists of the late nineteenth century sought to perpetuate this nostalgic vision, and their work found its greatest expression in images of cottages and cottage life. Cerulean skies, thatched roofs, flower gardens and carefree children playing beside the cottage gate epitomize this delightful genre. Drawing on the watercolours of Helen Allingham, Myles Birket Foster and Charles Wilson and the writings of Flora Thompson and Thomas Hardy, Andrew Clayton-Payne describes the cottages themselves, how they were built and organized internally and the farming and domestic traditions that determined the cottagers' lives. Harvesting, cider-making and wash day are a few of the activities he describes, as well as some of the more unusual customs associated with the 'cottage pig' and beehives. By contrasting the truth with the reality he finds that these nostalgic cottage paintings often convey more of the truth than a casual glance might suggest.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Edition: New
Publisher: W&N
Published: 14 Mar 2002

ISBN 10: 1841881767
ISBN 13: 9781841881768
Book Overview: A companion volume to the highly acclaimed VICTORIAN FLOWER GARDENS. Over 125 full colour entrancing watercolours. First time in the new Country Series livery.

Author Bio
Andrew Clayton-Payne was the Associate Director and Head of British Drawings and Watercolours at Christie's in London. He now runs his own company. He is author of the long-running best-seller VICTORIAN FLOWER GARDENS and is a regular contributor to magazines such as COLLECTORS' GUIDE and COUNTRY LIFE.