The Mayan Prophecy 2012: The Mayan Calendar and the End of Time

The Mayan Prophecy 2012: The Mayan Calendar and the End of Time

by David Douglas (Author)


Famed for the accuracy of their astronomy and the sophistication of their measurement of time, the ancient Mayan civilization has been recognized as one of the most important ever to have existed. According to recently decoded stone monuments and manuscripts the Mayans believed a cataclysmic change will affect the planet on 22 December 2012.On this date the fifth great cycle of time which began on August 11th 3113 BCE will come to a violent end. In this comprehensive book, expert author David Douglas presents compelling evidence for the accuracy of the Mayan calendar in predicting major events in world history and examines the latest scientific research that suggests events such as magnetic field changes and solar flares will indeed culminate in 2012; events which could result in catastrophe for our planet. Featuring a step-by-step guide to understanding and decoding the calendar and thought-provoking insights into the wisdom of this ancient culture, The Mayan Prophecy 2012 is essential reading for our time.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Publisher: Godsfield Press Ltd
Published: 05 Jan 2009

ISBN 10: 1841813370
ISBN 13: 9781841813370
Book Overview: * Features the latest archaeological findings * Detailed diagrams and artwork fully explain the complexities of the Mayan calendar * Highly topical with 2012 fast approaching

Author Bio
David Douglas has a special interest in ancient mysteries, the environment and spirituality. A frequent traveller to ancient archaeological sites including Palenque and Tikal, he is the author of The Atlas of Sacred and Spiritual Sites and the forthcoming Atlas of Lost Cults and Mystery Religions.