Toby and Trish and the Amazing Book of Matthew (Amazing Books)

Toby and Trish and the Amazing Book of Matthew (Amazing Books)

by Peggy Hewitt (Author), Tom Hewitt (Illustrator)


Toby and Trish invite you to open up your Bible and check out the promises that God made to his people. Matthew was a man who saw how these promises came true. In his Gospel we meet Jesus, who God had promised would come to be our special friend. We find out what happened on the mountain-tops and by the sea. And we hear great stories about wise men who followed a star, and Peter walking on water. This is the fifth title in a range of books which set out to help 7-11s see individual books of the Bible as a whole, rather than as fragmented pieces of a jigsaw that never quite fits together. In this title, Matthew's Gospel is handled in page by page sections which move sequentially through the text, complete with vignette drawings, key verses and focused one-point comments. There are five pages to each section, followed by a "Things To Do" page which forms a natural break.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Barnabas
Published: 23 Jun 2000

ISBN 10: 1841011274
ISBN 13: 9781841011271