The Armchair Environmentalist: 3 Minute a Day Action Plan to Save the Planet

The Armchair Environmentalist: 3 Minute a Day Action Plan to Save the Planet

by Karen Christensen (Author)


The constant influx of scary news about all the ways we're damaging the environment can trigger two reactions: One is despair; the other is "LET'S DO SOMETHING!" The Armchair Environmentalist takes a "can do" approach - showing that in only a few minutes a day each of us can make a real difference. While recycling is one place to start - we throw away enough aluminum to rebuild a commercial aircraft fleet every three months - Karen Christensen shows our everyday choices contribution to major problems like global warming, drought, and air pollution. The focus is always on what you and I can do - in our homes, offices, and communities - to make the world a better place. The Armchair Environmentalist is rooted in the real world - not some idealized country idyll, but the rush and tumble of our busy urban and suburban lives. We want to know where our choices can have the greatest impact, and we want environmental thinking to contribute to a sense of well-being and balance in our lives. Karen focuses on what really matters - reducing our use of energy and water and creating a healthier environment at home and at work. She explains that the expression "living lightly on the Earth" should be taken literally: the heavier products are, the more energy it takes to move them across the country or around the earth. Along with hundreds of ways to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, she explains how to build immunity so you'll be better equipped to cope with pollutants you can't avoid. Learn how to clean up the air as you enjoy a greener garden, heat your home instead of the ozone layer, and protect wildlife no matter where you live. By making simple changes and adopting easy new habits even the busiest person can become an intelligent protector of our precious planet Earth.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Spruce
Published: 28 Oct 2004

ISBN 10: 1840726245
ISBN 13: 9781840726244

Author Bio
Karen Christensen is a top enviromental writer and activist. She is CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group in the USA and her previous award - winning books have been published in France, Germany, Japan and China. Karen helped found the Women's Enviromental Network and Ecological Design Association in the UK. She also spoke on Women's issues for the UK Green Party and worked with the Worldwatch Institute in Washington DC. Her duo career - as a business executive and enviromentalist - has also spurred her current interests in community development and leadership. Today she lives in Massachusetts where she is active in local politics and often speakes in green issues.