Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons (Revival)

Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons (Revival)

by Gerald Durrell (Author)


On this speck of volcanic soil in the middle of a vast sea, a complete, unique and peaceful world was created slowly and carefully. It waited there for hundreds of thousands of years for an annihilating invasion of voracious animals for which it was totally unprepared, a cohort of rapacious beasts led by the worst predator in the world, Homo sapiens...In an incredibly short space of time, a number of unique species had vanished...Mauritius, the green and mountainous island in the Indian Ocean that was once the home of the ill-fated dodo, still had among its fauna many unique but endangered species, among them Mauritius kestrels, Telfair's skinks, Gunther's geckos and pink pigeons. The indigenous flora and fauna of Mauritius were, by the 1970s, hanging onto their existence by their fingernails.When Gerald Durrell went to rescue some of these creatures from extinction, he experienced danger and discomfort, but enjoyed the adventures greatly. By the end of his trip, he had an extraordinary collection of animals to take to his Jersey sanctuary from where the progeny could, in time, be restored to Mauritius.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: Reprinted
Publisher: Summersdale
Published: 04 Feb 2008

ISBN 10: 1840246359
ISBN 13: 9781840246353

Media Reviews
'A renegade who was right...He was truly a man before his time' Sir David Attenborough 'This is not only an enjoyable volume, it is also, in my humble opinion, the best-written Durrell so far' Yorkshire Post
Author Bio
Gerald Durrell settled in Corfu with his family as a boy and immediately became fascinated by the island's natural history; these years are famously documented in My Family and Other Animals. In 1947 he began making expeditions to collect animals from around the world in order to protect endangered species. The Jersey Wildlife Protection Trust was formed to look after these animals, which is still run by his widow, Lee Durrell.