Menagerie Manor (Revival)

Menagerie Manor (Revival)

by Gerald Durrell (Author)


Most children at the tender age of six or so are generally full of the most impractical schemes for becoming policemen, firemen or engine drivers when they grow up...I knew exactly what I was going to do: I was going to have my own zoo. "Menagerie Manor" is the hugely entertaining account of how the well-known and much-loved conservationist and author, Gerald Durrell, fulfilled a lifelong ambition by founding his very own private zoo in Jersey. With the help of an enduring wife, a selfless staff and a reluctant bank manager, the zoo grows. One by one the reader is introduced to the village idiocy of Trumpy, the grey-winged trumpeter, who wakes the zoo every morning; the riotous antics of Claudius the tapir; the moving romance of N'Pongo, an African gorilla; and the antics of a whole menagerie of orangutans, lions, bears, porcupines and other creatures. Hilariously illustrated by Ralph Thompson, this book about the trials and wonders of living in the middle of a zoo is a classic that will continue to bring pleasure to those who grew up reading Durrell, and deserves a whole new readership.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Publisher: Summersdale
Published: 02 Jul 2006

ISBN 10: 184024593X
ISBN 13: 9781840245936

Media Reviews
'A renegade who was right... He was truly a man before his time' Sir David Attenborough 'You can't deny that there are some species that now exist because of him' Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth 'Gerry, more than anybody else, got people to reconnect with animals emotionally... he just somehow makes the animals touch the inner core of the reader' Lee Durrell
Author Bio
Gerald Durrell (1925-1995) is one of England's best-loved authors and had a lifelong passion for animals of all kinds. Born in India, he was taken by his family to live in Corfu as a child, and immediately became fascinated by the island's natural history; these years are famously documented in My Family and Other Animals. In 1947 he began making expeditions to collect animals from around the world in order to protect endangered species. He founded the Jersey Wildlife Protection Trust to look after these animals, and the Trust is still run by his widow, Lee Durrell.