Lost Souls Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy): Anthology of New & Classic Tales

Lost Souls Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy): Anthology of New & Classic Tales

by Anne Gresham (Contributor), Aeryn Rudel (Contributor), David Tallerman (Contributor), Michael Matheson (Contributor), David Tallerman (Contributor), Damien Angelica Walters (Contributor), Anne Gresham (Contributor), Damien Angelica Walters (Contributor), Michael Penncavage (Contributor), Alexandra Renwick (Contributor), Aeryn Rudel (Contributor), Adele Gardner (Contributor), Lina Rather (Contributor), Michael Matheson (Contributor), Roger Luckhurst (Foreword), J.A.W. McCarthy (Contributor), Sara M. Harvey (Contributor), Sarah L. Byrne (Contributor), Lucy A. Snyder (Contributor), Sara Dobie Bauer (Contributor), Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi (Contributor), C.R. Evans (Contributor), Erin Skolney (Contributor), Geneve Flynn (Contributor), Jessica Nickelsen (Contributor), John M. McIlveen (Contributor), Kurt Hunt (Contributor), Rachael Cudlitz (Contributor)


A collection of new tales with brilliant new writers and lost souls from the darkest corners of literature and legend: Morrigan's ravens in Celtic myth mingle with Dante's infernal spirits and the work of John Milton. And with the dark fiction of William Hope Hodgson and Arthur Machen this promises to be a haunting, chilling read.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 480
Edition: Deluxe
Publisher: Flame Tree Collections
Published: 01 Sep 2018

ISBN 10: 1786648059
ISBN 13: 9781786648051

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