God's Fingerprints: The Evidence is Everywhere

God's Fingerprints: The Evidence is Everywhere

by JohnSamways (Author)


God's Fingerprints: The Evidence is Everywhere addresses significant questions arising from day-to-day experiences. It embraces both the `big picture' and the smallest details of life; it answers questions arising from the secular and sacred realms, issues which will be familiar to readers from all generations. It is a book that will generate discussion. This collection of 26 short stories, each culled from life's journey through six decades, deeply engages the rational, emotional and intuitive sides of the reader. God's Fingerprints is a book to read and share with all who are asking `Is there more to life?' It is both for those eagerly exploring their spiritual journey and for disillusioned sceptics. The reader is initially invited to choose a title which intrigues - such as `Chocolate', `FA Cup 1980', `Prison' or `Tragedy' - and to follow their own path through this book. Stories can help us make sense of things - they can inspire, make us laugh or cry, enlighten and challenge - and these real-life incidents certainly do that. Reflecting on these stories and relating them to their own life journey will offer each reader a new perspective on, and a fresh understanding of, the ups and downs of life. The author's passion for life, especially embracing the realms of family, community, sport and the environment, is evident from beginning to end and reflects his own search for `life in all its fullness'. God's Fingerprints: The Evidence is Everywhere is written to encourage others to join in that quest for life where the natural, material and spiritual realms are held together in a life-affirming way.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Edition: UK ed.
Publisher: Matador
Published: 25 Aug 2015

ISBN 10: 1784623989
ISBN 13: 9781784623982

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'A heartfelt little book, containing valuable insights.' -- The Methodist Recorder
Author Bio
A former geography teacher, JOHN SAMWAYS was ordained in his late 30s and has served as a Vicar in Brighton, Oxford and Keynsham near Bristol. His passions in life include the environment and outdoor recreation, engaging with family and the local community and sport (especially cricket, rugby and Watford FC). He lives in Frome, Somerset, with his wife Chris.