Zombies: The Recent Dead SC

Zombies: The Recent Dead SC

by NeilGaiman (Author), JoeR.Lansdale (Author), Max Brooks (Author), Michael Marshall Smith (Author), David Schow (Author), Brian Keene (Author)


  • You can't kill the dead! Like any good monster, the zombie has proven to be ever-evolving, monumentally mutable, and open to seemingly endless imaginative interpretations: the thralls of voodoo sorcerers, George Romero's living dead, societal symbols, dancing thrillers, viral victims, reanimated ramblers, video gaming targets, post-apocalyptic permutations, shuffling sidekicks, literary mash-ups, the comedic, and, yes, even the romantic. Evidently, we have an enduring hunger for this infinite onslaught of the ever-hungry dead. Hoards of readers are now devouring zombie fiction faster than armies of the undead could chow down their brains.
  • It's a sick job, but somebody had to do it: explore the innumerable necrotic nightmares of the latest, greatest, most fervent devotion in the history of humankind and ferret out the best of new millenial zombie stories: Zombies: The Recent Dead.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Publisher: Prime Books
Published: 19 Oct 2010

ISBN 10: 1607012340
ISBN 13: 9781607012344