London Goes to Sea: Restoring and Sailing an Old Boat on a Budget: Restoring and Sailing an Old Boat in a Budget

London Goes to Sea: Restoring and Sailing an Old Boat on a Budget: Restoring and Sailing an Old Boat in a Budget

by Peter J. Baumgartner (Author)


London Goes To Sea is Peter J. Baumgartner's candid and captivating account of restoring an ageing fibreglass sailing boat over the course of four years and then introducing it to his native New England waters. His precise records illustrate every trial and triumph of the restoration process, and his careful attention to errors made along the way provides crucial insight for anyone considering a similar project. His writing combines the best elements of a brisk, entertaining narrative and a thoroughly practical handbook, making for a truly unique story that embraces every experience of the coastal sailor. His unflagging joy and enthusiasm for his old Cape Dory shine through on every page.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 112
Edition: Illustrated
Publisher: Sheridan House
Published: 01 Apr 2004

ISBN 10: 1574091751
ISBN 13: 9781574091755

Media Reviews
Not only does Baumgartner obviously love the sea and nautical and natural history, he also takes enormous pride in having retrieved an abandoned 27 ft. Cape Dory in Massachusetts for $10,500, and in having restored it to its former glory. He meticulously documents his work on the boat (named LONDON) and his cruises off the New England coast. Financial Times Peter Baumgartner recounts in precise detail his four-plus year project of resurrecting an elderly and long ignored Cape Dory. The 27-foot sailboat built in 1977 had languished outside for 10 long years when Baumgartner, looking for a salty way to spend a recent $10,000 windfall, came across her in a Quincy, Massachusetts boatyard. It was 1998...To say that Baumgartner quickly became obsessed would be a mild description of the state he quickly achieved by becoming a dilapidated-boat-owner. LONDON Goes to Sea is a carefully detailed account of a meticulous boat repair which makes it useful to anyone considering or already foundering in the long haul of bringing an old boat back to life. The accounts of the sailing trips taken by the author the ostensible reason got all the hard work pale somewhat in comparison to the descriptions of the repair tasks. Baumgartner is an engineer not a poet and he has done a fine job of sharing his passion. Peter Baumgartner calls LONDON Goes to Sea a book of mistakes. The 224-page book (Sheridan House, March, 2004, $19.95) recounts Baumgartner's efforts to restore a 1977 Cape Dory 27 named LONDON. It chronicles his triumphs and misadventures in making LONDON seaworthy again, then sailing her in the waters of New England. LONDON's cruising grounds ranged from Block Island, R.I., to Mount Desert Island, Maine. Rather than a how-to tome, Baumgartner has written a narrative that contains practical advice. His experiences over the four years spanned in the book are recounted, from his near miss with a cruise ship off Cape Cod to details on the life cycle of a jellyfish. Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Author Bio
Peter J. Baumgartner grew up in New Jersey, but at age 10 he moved with his family to England. Their 5 day ocean voyage made a lasting impression, and he has since been powerfully drawn to the sea. When he finally bought his own boat, a neglected 1977 Cape Dory 27, he named it London.